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Jasmine's Consignment Shop "A Family Boutique for Upscale Resale"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between consignment and thrift/second hand stores?  
A: Consignment stores do not buy clothes from anyone. We do not take donations! We price and sell the items for our consignors. Nothing is donated or bought from anyone. We take pride in the items we place on our racks to sell to our customers because we have a partnership with our consignors to sell their items for them and help them to make money for their gently used items that they have paid a lot for and do not want to give away. We deal with mostly name-brand and higher end clothing and we have an arrangement with our consignor as to what the price will be.
Q: Will the items I bring in for consignment ever go on sale?
A: Yes! We have to be competitive and our job is to sell your items for you. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, but we can’t let items hang around too long either. We like to have a nice, rotating variety of items for our shoppers to choose from, so sales are mandatory. We do leave your items at full price for at least a month before they are reduced.
Q: What kind of items should I not bring to consign?
Nothing over 2 years old!
No wool or dry-clean only items.
No nursing scrubs (uniforms).
No clothing with business names, concert t-shirts or vacation destination names on them.
No lingerie or undergarments.
No adult pajamas.
No wedding dresses, bride’s maid or prom dresses.
No used socks.
No underarm stains.
No items will be accepted if they are worn out or have lint piles on them.
No dirty shoes or shoes that have been worn very much! Next to new only!
No tarnished or tangled jewelry or watches. Nothing with stones or pieces missing!
No toys, bedding or baby equipment.
Nothing dirty, stained, out of style or too worn! Remember our 2 year rule!
No men’s clothing! Only young men’s brands like American Eagle, BKE, Aeropostale and Ralph Lauren...
No items with smoke, pet, or food odors please.
No household items.
Q: What kind of items do you accept for consignment?
A: We take name-brand, gently used clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. We take maternity clothing. We take kids clothes from birth to teen sizes. We take ladies sizes from petite to plus! We take young men’s sizes but they must be brand appropriate. We take young ladies sizes but they also must be brand appropriate. We take children’s pajamas only if they are next to new. We do take bathing suits if they are new or next to new condition.
Q: What happens if I find an item in you store without a tag?
A: We are not able to sell an item if the tag is lost. We have to look the item up in our system by brand, size and color in order to find the copy of the original tag. That takes a few minutes, so we are not able to sell the item until a later date.
Q: Why do you monitor your dressing rooms so closely?
The majority of the items in our store do not belong to us. We like to know how many items you are taking into the dressing room because we are trying to prevent theft. We would like to think everyone is trustworthy, but we have been proven wrong, so unfortunately, we must have security cameras and staff members watching for theft.
Q: What happens to the items that don’t sell?
A: If your item does not sell by the time the season ends, we pull it from the sales floor and put it back out the next time that season comes around.

1471 North Main St ~ Marion, NC 28752 ~ (828) 659-5650