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Jasmine's Consignment Shop "A Family Boutique for Upscale Resale"

Jasmine's Consignment Policy

If you are interested in selling your items through our store, you must schedule an appointment to have your name added as a consignor with your own private account. Please remember that we only sell quality name-brand, gently used clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. We only accept brand-name, gently used items that are new or less than 2 years old. The items must be freshly laundered, folded neatly, wrinkle free and stain / odor free. All buttons, zippers and elastic must be in good condition.

The type of items we Do Take in are:
  • Woman's Clothing
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Teen's Clothing
  • Children's Clothing
  • Infant's Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Purses
The type of items we Do Not Take in are:
  • Nothing over 2 years old!
  • Wool or dry-clean only items.
  • Nursing scrubs (uniforms).
  • Clothing with business names, concert t-shirts or vacation destination names on them.
  • Lingerie or undergarments.
  • Adult pajamas.
  • Wedding dresses, bride‚Äôs maid or prom dresses.
  • Used socks.
  • Worn out clothing.
  • Worn out shoes.
  • Tarnished or tangled jewelry or watches. Nothing with stones or pieces missing!
  • Toys, bedding or baby equipment.
  • Nothing dirty, stained, out of style or too worn.
  • Items with smoke, pet, or food odors.
  • Household items.

As a consignor you are paid 40% of the price your item is sold for. When a customer buys one of you items, your percentage is automatically credited to your account! If a customer returns your item for credit, your percentage is automatically deducted from your account. You may use store credit as long as you have money available.

You may request a check every 30 days providing that there is at least $25 available. We do not write checks for under $25. You will need to use store credit if your account falls below $25 and you do not plan to add any more items to it. You are responsible for checking on your account and requesting checks.

Items must be placed in some type of container, trash bag or shopping bag that you do not want back. Clothes must be folded neatly and as wrinkle free as possible. Any item we do not accept will be returned to you after your items have been inspected. We will call you to come and pick up your returned items or you may check on the status when you come into the store.

If your item does not sell by the time the season ends, we pull it from the sales floor and put it back out the next time that season comes around. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can request your items back at any time.

1471 North Main St ~ Marion, NC 28752 ~ (828) 659-5650